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14 Flawless Makeup Tips That We Think You Should Know

I only have mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, base and lipstick. This time you want to choose a tone that is just lighter than the color of your skin. Mix them with a new applicator in your cap in the direction of the other color to create the most natural gradient possible. Never look greasy on a photo again by getting ready with wallet-sized products that are perfect to carry, so you can repair your makeup while traveling, such as a compact translucent powder with an included applicator. “Wearing blotting paper is another great way to eliminate sweat and oil without collecting more products,” said Stiles. Hold that white eyeliner, because you also need it for your eyebrows.

“If you shoot early in the morning, the light will be a cool blue shade and will be at a much lower point, so it won’t cast ugly shadows on your face.”. The sun is directly above you from 12:00 to 04:00, so your forehead is brightly lit and the shadows are thrown over your eyes from your eyebrows, so don’t try to take pictures at that time if you can. If you have to shoot outside in the afternoon, turn on the camera in a flash so that the pockets of the shadows are filled with the flash. From five to sunset, the light is warmer, golden shade and more in front of your face, so you don’t have to worry about shadows either.”

If you want something lighter for the summer, you don’t have to lose your foundation, you can make it into a painted moisturizer. “Use the base of equal parts and the moisturizer: apply a cent of each and mix in your palm,” said Ashburn-McKissock. “For a summer and brown shine, add a few drops of gel bronzer. For a clear and wet effect, add a few drops of liquid marking.” After you have finished applying a type of eyeliner to the top line, stop there or else your eyes will look smaller. “Avoid rhyming all your eyes in a dark color unless you have a smoky eye in full swing,” said Ashburn-McKissock. “Covering everything in a dark color is falling off, so you want to keep the dark colors on top and the outer corners of the eyes to lift and accentuate.”

It immediately makes your eyes look wider and more awake, helps the concealer face it to look hassle-free by hiding wrinkles and adds a professional-looking touch to your overall eye makeup. Mix your favorite concealer with SLA Paris Professional makeup a little gold cream on the back of the palm to get the perfect shade you want. Apply it to the inner corners of your eyes with the fingertip. This mix will not be visible, but it will give your eyes a subtle highlight.

“Metallic adds fun pop without adding too much pigment or color,” adds Walsh. Dust markers “may look too heavy and separate, especially in daylight,” says Katz, who recommends a cream or liquid height punt for most skin types and shades. First of all, if you look at the best tips for eye makeup, ladies. Color is also very important when selecting a concealer; It can make you look older or improve the attractiveness of your eyes. This fights the blue nuances in your eyes, making your eyes look more youthful. When you’re done applying the rest of your makeup, you won’t even see it’s gold.

Apply your folding shadow with your finger, if you have small hands, or just apply a little water to a Q-tip and apply it that way. The eyeshadow attaches to the wet Q-tip and continues better. Just apply it from the center of the eyelid and divide it, almost like a triangle through its fold.