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Here’s Everything You Should Teach Your Connected Kid

You, as a parent, might still remember the time before the internet exploded all over the world. Where once the internet was deemed as a luxury, it has become a necessity in today’s world, for people of all ages, especially kids.

Your kids probably have no idea how life was before the internet. In fact, the pandemic shifted how people worked and studied, as it could be done from home with the help of the internet.

Today, kids realize that having access to the internet is the same as breathing fresh air – and as important. Kids these days can find almost anything online, from entertainment to information, everything is available on the internet, with a fast enough speed offered by Hargray Communications.

That said, total unrestricted access to the internet has both its advantages and disadvantages. Although it’s convenient, parents have growing concerns about the lack of restriction, and how they can bring more awareness to their kids.

That is why, in this article, we’ll be sharing everything parents should be about their connected kids. Let’s begin!

The Internet Is Here to Stay

Kids tend to share every little update about their life on the internet, being totally unaware that the words, photos, and words they post online have the ability to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

It’s important that your kids know how to use the internet smartly when it comes to posting online, and also know what they should not be putting out there. Although many websites promise that your personal information will be protected, there’s still no guarantee that it’ll prevent a breach from happening.

For instance, if they were to post something on Facebook, or decide to share something personal with a third party, there’s always the risk of someone misusing their information, or the fact that it could be accessible by anyone is a risk in itself.

It’s no longer uncommon for people to lose their hard-earned reputation over things that they shared online, even if it was shared 20 years ago. They might have thought that since they updated the information, it won’t be lingering around, but that’s where they were wrong.

Therefore, you need to explain to your kids that the internet will be here forever, and anything you share can be used against you, even if it is many years later.

Be Alert About Phishing Scams

This is yet another thing parents with a connected kid ought to be aware of – avoiding phishing scams. That is why you need to ensure that both you and your kid aren’t unconsciously sharing information with a potential hacker.

This is usually done when you click on a malicious link or when you open an email attachment sent by a stranger. By doing so, you’ll be falling for a phishing attack. It’s rather common for phishers to send emails that look as real as a legit one.

They’ll act like they’re from an authentic source and need your personal information, such as your credit card number, passwords, or usernames. Once they get hold of your personal information, they can commit cyber-attacks on your accounts.

Therefore, your kid has to know what a phishing scam looks like and that they should be absolutely sure that the source is authentic before sharing any information or clicking on a particular link. Otherwise, one single click can introduce one too many dire consequences.

Nothing Is Entirely Free on the Internet

Now, whether it’s a free download or a free online game, companies always hope that your kid offers their personal information to enjoy freebies. The company will then sell this information or prompt you to do in-game purchases.

Similarly, social media platforms and other free online resources on the internet work in the same manner. As a matter of fact, such websites aim to make money off of you, even if you’re not sure how it works.

You’ll be surprised to know just how much data online apps collect about you. Apparently, Facebook and Instagram are one of the most infamous offenders who collect your personal data and continue to track you even when you’re not using their apps.

Therefore, it’s important that your kids know this, and you can also download apps available for both iOS and Android devices that help reduce the amount of tracking happening currently.

Teach Them to Research the Credibility of Sources

The internet’s biggest strength is how it offers the free exchange of media and ideas. In other words, anyone can post anything online, without incurring any cost. However, this also means that a lot of disinformation is presented as true information.

Moreover, with every passing day, the internet is becoming more and more accessible, and there’s just so much information out there. On the flip side, it gets overwhelming to truly know which source is credible and which isn’t.

It’s essential for kids to understand at an early stage that social media is more than capable of spreading half-baked truth and impulsive news as fast as real facts spread. There are just so many influencers out there encouraging kids to think in a certain way, without the child even understanding what this truly means.

For instance, if an email is sent under your internet service provider’s name, asking for your details because of late payment, you should contact your provider such as Hargray phone service to inquire further.

Therefore, it’s important for your kid to know how to do diligent research when trusting a source. Teaching them that they can utilize their critical thinking skills, and conduct clear-minded research through credible sources can help them avoid falling for misinformation.

You should encourage your kid to carefully vet online websites when needed. In fact, you should encourage them to share with you as to which websites they access on a regular basis and what kind of information they are putting out there.

All in All

Let’s face it. It’s never been this hard to protect your kids, as it is in this highly advanced era. That is why it’s important for you to teach your kids about smart habits when they’re on the internet, especially when they’re interacting with others online.

These smart habits will ensure that your kid stays safe online and that they never have to be at risk because they will never share any personal and sensitive information out there. We hope this article offered some insightful ways on how this can be done.

We have shared the most important thing that parents with connected kids should know. Education and awareness start from home, and it is our responsibility to make sure that our kids are in a safe environment, both online and in the real world.

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