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Italian Traditions For New Year’s Eve, Especially In The Abruzzo Region

The New Year is a particularly exciting time to find a holiday in Italy: they have some fascinating traditions and customs. New Year celebrations in Ferrara are considered the most unusual in Italy. People in Ferrara end the old year with the classic ‘Lincendio del Castello Estense’. The Château d’Este is referred to as the city of Emilia-Romagna and is one of the important cities to celebrate the occasion of the New Year.

With its many nightclubs, the seaside town of Rimini is known as a nightlife hotspot, making it an ideal place for Revelry on New Year’s Eve. A big festival with outdoor music and dance takes place in Piazzale Fellini and at midnight there is a great fireworks show over the sea. In Venice, the largest open-air celebration takes place in St. Mark’s Square. There is plenty of live music and a big communal kiss in the square at midnight as bells ring in the bell tower, followed by a toast and a huge fireworks show over the Grand Canal. Please note that boots are recommended in case of high water. You can watch the celebrations on pizza San Marco’s webcam.

In Italy, they also make sure to do this on New Year’s Eve, because it is destined to bring a lot of love and success into their relationship in the coming year. Get the Italian style of New Year with these events and traditions in cities and towns of Italy. A big New Year’s dinner, called cenone, is another popular tradition in Rome and throughout Italy. Many restaurants in Rome are open on New Year’s Eve, so they offer this dinner menu. There are often earlier seating, for those who want to welcome the New Year to the squares or streets; and a back seat, for those who want to toast the new year with some prosecco and… I live in Barcelona, but as often as I can I am in Venice, for me one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The Festa di Roma and the celebrations in Trastevere are great street party experiences that you can be a part of in Rome on New Year’s Eve. One of the best ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rome is to attend a live music concert. Get dressed and watch live music from some of the most famous operas and music by Strauss, Mozart, Verdi, Puccini and others. Along with the delicious ice cream flavors that made our top 10 reasons to enjoy summer in Italy, you’ll find a delicious Venetian summer cocktail called Bellini.

However, it’s a busy time of year for restaurants and hotels, and city centers are often busy due to New Year’s Eve events. Many Italians love to celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks, festivals, bonfires, Treno bernina concerts and parties. Dinners may include meals such as Cotechino and Lenticchie. Italian sparkling wines such as prosecco or spumante are offered to say goodbye to the old year and celebrate the new year.

Many nightclubs and restaurants also have special New Year’s Eve events. There’s nothing like a new year to remind people to start over and start over. Most New Year’s traditions in Italy are no exception: it’s about what to eat, how to dress and what customs to follow to ensure happiness for the next 365 days. Everywhere in the city there is plenty of partying; The New Year in Rome is known for its huge New Year’s dinners, free outdoor concerts and performances. If you like Italian food, you will be filled with regional specialties and unique Roman dishes. Italians are known for their love of parties, festive gatherings full of food, friends, fun and even fireworks.

As is customary in many other places, it is traditional to end the countdown to midnight with a kiss and wish them all the best for the New Year. In Italy, “out with the old” can be taken literally when the new year arrives. In some parts of the country, particularly in the south, it is common to throw old items (including furniture!) out of the window at midnight. Be careful when you go to celebrate on the street, because you may be hit by someone cleaning the house in preparation for the new happiness that the new year will hopefully bring.

My least favorite New Year’s Eve tradition in Rome is launching small firecrackers throughout the city. This even starts a few days before New Year and runs until January 6. It’s usually not dangerous (unless you’re the one doing it; accidents have happened), but it’s pretty noisy and can be shocking. Another tradition of Rome’s New Year’s Eve is wearing red underwear.